Drainage District Hearing

Residents of the Hinton Drainage District came to a public hearing this morning, to learn more about a proposed expansion of the District, and the project it will fund. The informational hearing explained how the Drainage District Board, which consists of the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors, will consider an expansion of the drainage district, from the current 490 parcels to an additional 369 parcels. The Supervisors are considering an expansion in order to spread out the assessments for two drainage projects across more parcel holders. There will be a culvert replacement project in Hinton, and a bridge replacement project just outside of Hinton, both in the drainage district. Total cost of the culvert project is 430-thousand dollars, and the bridge replacement, which affects one farmstead, will cost 100-thousand dollars. 60% of the cost would be covered by the city of Hinton, and 40% to the drainage district. If approved, parcel holders in the expanded drainage district would be assessed 50 dollars per year for three years, in order to raise their share of the project. Hinton is one of three drainage districts in Plymouth County. The others are in Merrill, Akron and Westfield. They were established in 1920. The Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider the expansion at their meeting on June 22.

County Engineer Tom Rohe explains the boundary of the current, and proposed drainage district to Hinton residents who attended the hearing.  The map is held by Supervisor Craig Anderson and Board Chairman Don Kass.