Heavy Turnout at Le Mars Caucuses


Turnout was heavy in Le Mars for the Republican Precinct Caucuses Monday.  Four precincts caucused at the Le Mars Convention Center.

Mike Van Otterloo chaired the caucuses in Le Mars.


Van Otterloo said voters are excited about this election cycle.


The Le Mars tally went as follows:

Donald Trump 297

Ron De Santis  93

Nikki Haley  66

Vivek Ramaswamy 42

Ryan Binkley  3

The meeting took a little over an hour.

Across Plymouth County:

Donald Trump 712

Ron De Santis 196

Nikki Haley 127

Vivek Ramaswamy 70

Among northwest Iowa’s 12 counties, the order was Trump, De Santis, Haley in 9 counties, Trump, Haley, De Santis in 3 counties.   Vivek Ramaswamy was a distant fourth in all 12 counties.  After the caucus results were made known, Ramaswamy suspended his campaign.

As expected, former President Donald Trump dominated the Republican precinct caucuses last (Monday) night, winning all but one of Iowa’s 99 counties.  That county, Johnson County, went to former UN ambassador Nikki Haley.