Middle School Carnival Celebrates 50 Years of Family Fun – Photos

Le Mars Community Middle Schools Old Gym

The halls and gyms of Le Mars Community Middle School were transformed into a vibrant celebration last Friday, as the 50th annual Le Mars Community Middle School carnival was being held for students, their families, and the community. For 50 years now, LCMS has hosted the carnival to raise money for various projects for the school.

For many parents with their middle school children at the event, they remember their middle school carnival from years past. They found themselves transported back in time, reminiscing about their own youthful adventures at the very same carnival.

Michelle Reeves, an attendee who has returned to the carnival with her daughter Ashlynn 33 years later, remembers her own middle school carnival and is glad everything is still going strong.

Dustin Reideman, another parent coming back to the carnival, says whether it’s the old-fashioned games that he remembers, or seeing teachers he had in class, it’s great to see everyone is still having a great time.

Former LCHS assistant principal and current principal at LCMS, Kyle Formanek, says everything with the carnival went well.


Formanek also says that the staff at LCMS are prepared and help pull the event together.

The event continues to thrive, says Formanek. “Thank you for all the support. We can’t have an event in the community unless people turn out, and the turnout has been awesome. We look forward to continuing the event into the future, so thank you.” Formanek also says that in years to come, the money that is raised will hopefully be used to fund field trips for each grade level.

Photos from the Carnival of Past and Present


Joseph Lynn, an 8th grader at LCMS, hands a carnival attendee a balloon.
Hallways packed with carnival goers at LCMS.
Two carnival attendees get “married” at the marriage booth.
Face Painting
Fishing Game.
Two middle schoolers converse at the 1979 Le Mars Junior High Carnival.
The Hoop Shoot game at the 1979 Le Mars Junior High Carnival.
Students volunteer at the popcorn stand at the 1979 Le Mars Junior High Carnival.
A toilet seat game at the 1979 Le Mars Junior High Carnival.
A clown at the 1979 Le Mars Junior High Carnival.