Holz Previews Upcoming Legislative Session


(Le Mars) — Next Monday, January 8th, the state lawmakers return to Des Moines to begin work during the next General Session. State House Representative Chuck Holz of Le Mars believes the state’s budget will be the first and foremost issue
to face the legislature. Holz says the state’s Revenue Estimation Commission has said the state will see another shortfall on revenue.

The Republican lawmaker says school funding will need to be handled within the first month. Holz, who is a member of the House Agriculture Committee, is hopeful the state legislators can come to an agreement with a water quality bill.

As you know, the U-S Congress and U-S Senate adopted a tax reform package prior to Christmas. Holz says legislators will look at how the Iowa tax code may be revised.

Holz offers some clarification on tax reform, as opposed to tax cuts.

Holz says other issues that likely will be debated at the state capital will include the privatization of Medicaid and mental health.