Le Mars Dentist Retires After 32 Years Of Practice


(Le Mars) — A well-known Le Mars dentist has decided to step away from his practice and enjoy retirement.  December of 2017 marked the final time for Dr. Tom Jeneary to examine his patients’ teeth. Jeneary had been a dentist
for 32 years and says he got interested in the dentistry business, from following around his own orthodontist while he was a teenager.

Jeneary began his dental practice in Wisconsin, but saw an advertisement in a dental industry magazine indicating a practice was for sale here in Le Mars, which was a great opportunity since Pam Jeneary, Tom’s wife, was a native of Remsen.

Jeneary says even after all these years with modern dental techniques and equipment, made to ease the discomfort level of patients, Jeneary says he still sees people with anxiety issues when visiting a dentist.

Many people may not realize, Dr. Jeneary was appointed by former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to be a member of the State Dental Board. He is in his second term on the state dental board, and has two years remaining to his term. He says the purpose of the dental board is to investigate complaints against
dentists. He recalls one interesting story involving an inmate at the Fort Madison Correction facility.

Now, after entering retirement, Jeneary says he, and his wife, have the goal to do some long-awaited travel opportunities, and he would like to learn how to fly an airplane.

He says his fondest memories of the practice include helping patients with their smiles, and at the same time, build their self-confidence.

Dr. Tom Jeneary says he is proud of the practice he established in Le Mars, with nearly 3,000 customers, but he also says it is time to turn the practice over to his son, Dr. Greg Jeneary, and to Dr. Adam Erdmann.  Members of Dr. Jeneary’s family and staff recently hosted an open house recognizing the dedication of his work and his commitment to the community.