Local Doctor Donates Medical Equipment To Floyd Valley


(Le Mars) — Floyd Valley Healthcare and Clinics unveiled a new piece of medical equipment today (Thursday) during a news conference that will make it easier, and possibly less painful, for patients with difficulty locating a vein for blood extraction analysis. Dr. Andrew Geha was told of the “Accurate Vein Locator” by his patient Richard Miller of Le Mars. Geha then decided to purchasethe equipment and donate it to the clinics and hospital. Miller says he has a condition that makes it difficult for health officials to locate his vein.

Miller says many times his arm would have bruise marks due to the many attempts to locate his vein.

Miller says he first learned of the “Accurate Vein Locator” through connections with social media platforms.

Dr. Geha says he felt it was important to make the donation to the Floyd Valley Clinics and Healthcare, to give additional measures of comfort to patients.

Geha explains how the “Accurate Vein Locator” will better assist health care officials, when drawing blood.

The Floyd Valley Healthcare physician says he is glad to make the donation to the clinic and hospital.

Wendy Prins, Floyd Valley Clinic Manager is appreciative of Geha’s donation, and says the vein locator will be shared between the clinic and the hospital.