Remsen Cleans Up After Strong Wind Storm Damages Trees


(Remsen) — The sound of chain saws could be heard through out the entire community of Remsen Thursday morning as residents begin to clean up the debris from an Independence Day strong wind storm that passed through the town.
Nearly every Remsen street had fallen trees. Numerous trees are down, including a forty foot tree that fell in Sarah Haverkamp’s backyard.

Fortunately for Haverkamp, the fallen tree had missed the house.

Haverkamp says she, and the rest of Remsen residents were surprised, as there wasn’t any warning about the potential for a strong wind storm.

Haverkamp says she and several other Remsen residents needed to take the day off from work in order to clean up the town.

Remsen Interim Public Works Director Chris Poeckes wouldn’t estimate how many trees were down, but says it may be a week before the town has all the fallen trees cleaned up. Poeckes offers an assessment of the damage.

The damage was primarily limited to fallen trees. Remsen city officials say they are not aware of any structural damage that occurred as a result of the strong wind storm. There was a van that had a tree fall on its roof, creating a large dent in the roof and smashing the front windshield.