Bibler Takes The Witness Stand For Murder Trial


(Le Mars) — In the Thomas Bibler murder trial, the defense called for the defendant, Thomas Bibler to take the stand. The Defense is working on the premise that Bibler had taken some Ambien, which is used as a sleeping pill for insomnia. Earlier testimony indicated for some people who use Ambien they don’t have any recollection of their actions. Defense attorney Billy
Oyadare questioned Bibler about the medications he had taken during the Saturday of June 11th of 2016, the day of the stabbing incident.

The defense attorney continued his questions relating to the drug Ambien.

Plymouth County Attorney Darrin Raymond then cross-examined Bibler.

Trial has been suspended for a while. The prosecutor’s office may yet call another witness, however, that witness is not available at this time. No date has been scheduled at this time for when the trial will continue.