Grassley Answers Questions About Another Possible Government Shutdown


(Washington) — Will the U-S government be able to avoid another shut-down? U-S Republican Senator Chuck Grassley was asked that question during his weekly news conference with reporters.

Grassley says there are three items that separate an agreement and another government shutdown.

Grassley says the real issue holding up an agreement is with how many detention beds should be allowed for illegal immigrants that enter our country, and the dollars to be allocated. Grassley says Democrats have advocated a lower number than is currently used, while President Trump wants to increase the number of detention beds and funding.

The Iowa Republican says President Trump could declare a national emergency, but Grassley says he would advise against that action.

Grassley says he hopes the conference committee can resolve their differences, because he wants a solution and not another extension.

Friday is the self-imposed deadline set by Congress to reach an agreement, otherwise, another government shutdown will occur.  The last government shutdown was the longest, lasting more than a month.