Meet The Republican Candidates Seeking The Position Of Iowa’s 4th District U-S Representative


Randy Feenstra

(Le Mars) — Republicans residing in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District will have the choice among five candidates when they cast their vote in the June 2nd primary election. Those seeking the position include incumbent candidate Steve King of Kiron, State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull, Former State Legislator and Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, Former Irwin Mayor Brett Richards, and Steve Reeder, an Arnolds Park businessman. KLEM radio wants to introduce each candidate and offer their views on the current issues, and why each candidate wants your vote. Today, we begin by hearing from State Senator Randy Feenstra. We began our conversation by asking how has the campaign been interrupted by the COVID-19 virus.

Feenstra says he is pleased with the many endorsements he has collected for his run for the northwest Iowa Congressional seat.

Although Feenstra is perhaps best known in his home county of Sioux County and other neighboring northwest Iowa counties. He still feels confident about his name recognition through out the 32-county district.

The Hull resident says his top priority is the protection of life, and he says he will forever fight against abortion.

The republican says he also has a fondness for Iowa agriculture, and wants to be able to be in a position to better assist farmers.

Feenstra says he is an advocate of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment, and he is in favor of lowering taxes. Feenstra points to his time as the State Senate’s chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, and his authoring of the tax reform bill that passed the state legislature. Feenstra says his record shows he is a proven leader that can get the job done.

June 2nd is the primary election date.


Steve King

(Le Mars) –– We continue our focus on the republican candidates seeking the position of 4th District House Representative as a member of Congress. Five candidates are seeking the position, including incumbent candidate Congressman Steve King of Kiron. King says this campaign has been different than those of past elections, mainly because of the COVID-19 virus. This is the first time, since being elected to Congress, that King has faced opposition within his party. He says he has focused more attention on meeting the constituent’s concerns, rather than campaigning.

King says he is relying on the voters to already know who he is, and where he stands on the issues.

King says he is proud of the work his staff has accomplished with constituent case work, helping Iowans, and he believes that will help him with the primary election.

The candidates have participated in a few debates and forums, and King says he has been surprised that his opponents have not questioned any of his votes on any bills.

King says one of his primary opponents is being heavily financed by political action committees that don’t share a conservative viewpoint.

The 4th District Iowa Republican Congressman is a strong advocate of Pro-life and against abortions. King had introduced the “heartbeat bill” which would effectively end an abortion when a fetus heartbeat was detected. The bill did not pass through Congress.

As for endorsements, King was able to gain support from two prominent Plymouth County Republicans. Former state legislator Ralph Klemme and President Trump advisor Sam Clovis have both publicly announced they support Steve King.



Bret Richards

(Le Mars) — Today during our candidate’s focus, we visit with the former mayor of Irwin who is seeking the position of Iowa’s 4th District Congressional seat. Bret Richards is one of five republican candidates seeking the nomination to run in the general election. Richards is facing incumbent candidate Steve King of Kiron, State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull, Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor of Sioux City, and Arnolds Park businessman Steve Reeder. Richards was the first to announce his intentions of running for Congress and began his campaign last summer when he visited several county fairs gathering signatures for his petition.

Richards says the one issue that separates himself from his opponents is his thoughts with healthcare.

Another issue that Richards differs from his opponents is his thoughts for term limits.



Jeremy Taylor

(Le Mars) — We continue to visit with the candidates seeking the republican nomination for the Iowa 4th District Congressional seat. There are a total of five candidates, that include incumbent Steve King of Kiron, Randy Feenstra of Hull, Bret Richards of Irwin, Steve Reeder of Arnolds Park, and also Jeremy Taylor of Sioux City. Today, our focus is with Jeremy Taylor, a former county supervisor and former state legislator. Taylor says he is pursuing the position for what he calls is a “call to serve.”

The Sioux City republican says he wants to make certain the 4th District Congressional seat remains republican.

Taylor is well known within his home county of Woodbury County, but he also feels confident of getting his name known throughout the 39-county district.

Although all the candidates share a basic principled belief, Taylor says there is a significant difference. Taylor is the only candidate that is actively serving in the military, and he says that makes him the better choice.