Scholten Campaigns In Plymouth County


(Le Mars) — The Democratic candidate for the 4th District of Iowa Congressional seat held a political campaign rally last evening at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds. More than 25 vehicles were parked at the fairgrounds to listen to J.D. Scholten of Sioux City. In the interest of social distancing during this era of coronavirus, the gathering of people were able to remain in their vehicles and listen to Scholten as he stood in the back of a pickup truck and shared his message using a low frequency
radio. People would honk their horns every time Scholten would make a comment that they found favorable or agreeable. Scholten spoke for about a half hour.

The Democrat contender appeared at KLEM offices earlier on Tuesday for an exclusive interview. Scholten ran against Republican Steve King two years ago, and narrowly lost. This time, Scholten faces Republican Randy Feenstra from Hull, as Feenstra defeated King during the June primary election.
Scholten says this time around has been different as more people recognize his name.

Scholten says having a different opponent doesn’t change his campaign strategy since he says he focuses on the items and issues he favors, as opposed to who he is running against.

The Democratic candidate tells of the differences between himself and the Republican candidate Randy Feenstra.

Scholten says he will be traveling in his recreational vehicle “Sioux City Sue” with the plan to visit every community within the Congressional district.

Here is the entire interview with Democratic Congressional candidate J.D. Scholten when he appeared at KLEM offices.