American Legion Retires Discarded Flags With Dignity And Respect


Ray Wilkens is shown disposing an American flag as the American Legion Wasmer Post #241 retired more than 1000 flags Wednesday evening.

(Le Mars) — Each September, the different American Legion posts from Plymouth County gather for their annual meeting. In addition to holding a meeting, legion members also utilize the opportunity to properly dispose and destroy old flags. Jim Rolfes serves as the adjutant for the county legions and says the American Legion destroys old, worn, faded, and torn flags in a
dignified and respectful manner by burning them.

More than 1000 discarded flags consisting of the American flag, State of Iowa flag, military branches, and POW-MIA flags were properly destroyed during a burning ceremony held Wednesday evening.

He says the flags are given to the American Legion for the proper disposal, and they come in all different sizes.

Rolfes says as part of the ceremony, flags need to be inspected before they can be properly disposed and burned.

In addition to the September flag burning ceremony, Rolfes says the American Legion Wasmer Post #241 of Le Mars also holds a flag retirement ceremony in mid-June at around Flag Day. People with old flags wanting to have them properly retired and disposed with honor can leave their tattered flags with
the American Legion. There is also a hand-crafted wooden box, created by a local Eagle Boy Scout located on the northside of the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Station number 1, near the flagpole that accepts discarded flags.