Bella Ruse performers in Orange City

(Orange City)– Orange City native Joseph Barker returns to his home town
today (Friday) to celebrate the release of a new CD with fellow band member
Kay Gillete.  The name of the group is Bella Ruse.

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The pair now lives in Minneapolis and have been playing together for almost
2 years.  Joseph says that music has been part of their upbringing.  He
started on piano and Kay has been singing since she was a kid.

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Under Kay’s “control” Joseph’s rock band style morphed into a folk/indie pop

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Bella Ruse has an interesting way of getting around. After outgrowing the
Kay’s station wagon, she says they upgraded to a vegetable oil-powered van.

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Joseph said the van will be pulling up to The Old Factory Coffee Shop on 4th
Street SW in Orange City at 8pm tonight for their free show.

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You heard him right, the first 50 people in the door get a free Kazoo , as
the name of the album they are releasing is called Kuhzoo.  To hear more
music or learn about Bella Ruse visit (Angela Drake, KLEM
News, Photo provided by Joseph Barker, Bella Ruse)