Cherokee Theater Stages Williams Classic

(CHEROKEE) —  Cherokee Community Theater presents their production of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams for a second week beginning Thursday. 

  Director Andrew Linn says that the show is an autobiographical story of Williams’ life.

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There are four characters in the show, three of them are members of the Wingfield family.  Amanda, the mother, sister Laura, and brother Tom.  Tennessee Williams, whose real name is Thomas, has inserted himself in this script as the brother.  Although the play examines many personal struggles, Linn says the real tension in the show comes from the mothers character.

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Finally, the fourth player is a gentleman caller, intended to become Laura’s love interest.  When the situation surrounding their re-acquaintance goes awry, Tom finds his motivation to leave. 

In addition to directing, Linn is playing the role of Tom.  He says working with this script and his talented cast has been very rewarding.  He’s excited to share the end result with the community.

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“The Glass Menagerie” is being staged by the Cherokee Community Theater, in the upper level of  the Cherokee Community Center.   Performances continue Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 21-23) at 7:30 all 3 nights.  For reservations call 712-225-4440.