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Friday News, October 23rd


County Auditor’s Office To Be Open On Saturday For Absentee Voting

(Le Mars) — Are you wanting to cast an absentee ballot, but the only time you have to vote is on a Saturday? Then according to Plymouth County Auditor, Stacey Feldman, you are in luck as the Plymouth County Courthouse and County Auditor’s office will be open both tomorrow, and again on Halloween, October 31st.

Feldman explains the procedure if you are needing to register to vote in this year’s election.




Five Candidates Are Seeking Extension Council Positions

(Le Mars) – Voters will have the opportunity to elect four members of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Plymouth County Council at the Nov. 3, 2020, general election.

Janelle Johnson, County Director says “The council members elected this year will be involved in bringing educational opportunities to Plymouth County for the next four years.” ISU Extension and Outreach Plymouth County educational programming is a cooperative effort involving local citizens, Iowa State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Extension council members are elected at large, and all voters in the county are eligible to vote for four candidates.

Johnson, Janelle

Candidates on this year’s ballot include Ann Crosgrove, Rebecca Easton, Blaine Reuter, Ronald Rohlena and Ed Vondrak.




Grassley And Ernst Vote For Barrett To Become Supreme Court Justice

(Washington) — Shortly after eight o’clock Thursday morning, Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst voted with other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to advance President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee for a vote in the full Senate. Grassley gave a short speech after the vote, saying Amy Coney Barrett’s would practice judicial restraint.
[RIkayCGbarrettvote2] :10 :make the law.”
Grassley criticized Democrats on the committee for boycotting Thursday’s vote.
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Democrats placed large photos of Americans who’ve benefitted from the Affordable Care Act on their chairs in the committee room. During last week’s committee hearing, Democrats argued Barrett would side with conservatives on the court and nullify the Affordable Care Act. Grassley says that’s nonsense.
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Senator Ernst did not speak in committee, but gave a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday about Barrett.
[RIkayJEbarrettvote4] :22 :cool and collected.”
Ernst accused Democrats of trying to score political points during Barrett’s testimony last week.
[RIkayJEbarrettvote2] :09 :above reproach.”
Ernst says her test for a Supreme Court justice is whether he or she will defend the Constitution.
[RIkayJEbarrettvote3] :12 :through congress.”
Ernst says the soon-to-be-justice should be viewed as a role model for all women.
[RIkayJEbarrettvote5] :23 :today’s women.”
The Republican-led senate is scheduled to take its final vote on Monday to confirm Barrett as a Supreme Court justice.




Reynolds Says Iowa Hospitals Can Handle The Increase Of COVID-19 Patients

(Des Moines) — Governor Kim Reynolds says Iowa hospitals have the resources to manage this month’s surge in Covid patient admissions.
On Wednesday evening, the state’s coronavirus tracker indicated 530 Covid patients were being treated in an Iowa hospital. That’s 44 percent more than a month ago and higher than in any previous month of the pandemic. Reynolds says about 10 percent of Iowa hospital patients have Covid and she says hospital executives have assured her they have enough ventilators and space in intensive care units to handle current case loads.  The state tracker indicates there are Covid outbreaks at 70 nursing homes and more than 18-hundred Iowa nursing home residents currently have Covid.




Iowa Telemarketing Company To Pay $800K Restitution

(Davenport, IA) — An Iowa telemarketing company will have to pay more than 800 thousand dollars in restitution for ripping off victims in more than a dozen states. A Scott County judge ruled Misty and Paul Barnes committed 19 consumer fraud violations. Prosecutors said the two sold non-existing services and made unauthorized charges to customers’ credit cards. District Judge Mark Fowler ruled people in 13 states lost thousands of dollars in what he called a “scam run out of some cheap motel room.”




Archbishop Of Dubuque: Too Much Being Made Of Pope’s Same-Sex Civil Unions Comment

(Dubuque, IA) — The Archbishop of Dubuque says too much is being made out of the comments by Pope Francis about same-sex civil unions. The Pope said that civil union laws are needed so same-sex couples are legally protected. Archbishop Michael Jackels says the Pope’s main point centers on the fact families love their children, regardless of whether they are in a same-sex relationship. Jackels says the Pope seems to make the point that those in a long-term, stable relationship should enjoy some legal and economic guarantees. The statement from the Dubuque Archdiocese emphasizes that the Pope isn’t changing Church teaching.




Police Dog Credited With Finding 2-Year-Old Boy Who Went Missing

(Mason City, IA) — Authorities in Mason City are giving a police dog credit for finding a two-year-old boy who had gone missing. The child had wandered away from the family’s home in a rural part of Cerro Gordo County, walking through a wooded area near a creek. A drone was used to search for the child whose name hasn’t been released. Mason City Police Dog Kilo tracked the boy to a neighbor’s property. The boy was found sitting on a cinder block with the dog by his side. He had taken off some of his wet clothes but didn’t require medical attention.




Former Iowa State University And Minnesota Vikings Football Player Passes Away

(Undated) — Former Iowa State All-American Matt Blair has died at the age of 70. The Dayton, Ohio, native came to I-S-U in 1971 from Northeast Oklahoma Junior College. Blair led the Cyclones to their first-ever bowl appearance that year as they went 8-4 and earned a trip to the Sun Bowl. Blair was named the game’s outstanding defensive player despite an I-S-U loss. He went on to be a six-time Pro Bowl performer in the N-F-L after being taken in the 1974 N-F-L Draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He played for them for 12 seasons (1974-85) — including two trips to the Super Bowl.