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Thursday Afternoon News, January 21st


Reynolds Discusses COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution During Media Conference

(Des Moines) — The distribution schedule of the COVID-19 vaccines was discussed during Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds news conference that was held Thursday morning. Reynolds acknowledged some problems with obtaining the vaccines from the federal government in a timely manner, saying that all
states are in the same position with the demand for vaccines far out pacing the supply. Kelly Garcia, the Director of the Iowa Health and Human Services Department¬† says the “vaccine is a scarce resource” and we may need to be patient until such time when more vaccine doses are made available to Iowans. The governor says Iowa has been receiving only 19,500 doses of vaccines each week, but she says we have been using them almost immediately.

Reynolds tried to explain why Iowa has been receiving a smaller amount of vaccines than what was originally promised.

The governor says it is her goal to get as many Iowans vaccinated as quickly as possible.
Reynolds says beginning on February 1st, vaccines will be made available to those people eligible for the 1-B Tier.

Reynolds indicated following teachers, the next priority group will be employees of the food processing industry.




Hy-Vee To Assist With COVID-19 Vaccinations

(Des Moines) — Hy-Vee is stepping forward to assist with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Aaron Wiese, Executive vice president of business innovation and chief health officer with Hy-Vee, appeared at the governor’s Thursday news conference to share how Hy-Vee pharmacies will now not only conduct COVID-19 testing, but also will perform vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Wiese says the Iowa-based grocery store has already partnered with Polk, Johnson, and Linn County health officials with the distribution of the vaccine.

The Hy-Vee official says they stand ready to help administer vaccinations for all across Iowa and into the eight states they serve, including sites away from Hy-Vee stores and pharmacies.

Wiese says Hy-Vee will notify patients for when their second round of dosage vaccines are available and need to be implemented. He says Iowans have come to know and trust their local Hy-Vee pharmacy.

Wiese says it is important to Hy-Vee that they are part of the solution in fighting the COVID-19 virus

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Reynolds Announces Grant Program For Restaurants And Bars

(Des Moines) — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced during her news media conference, a new grant program specifically directed to assist Iowa’s restaurants and bars. A total of $40 million dollars will be available to better help restaurants and bars, keep employees, and remain open.

Reynolds says two Iowa lawmakers were responsible for creating the program, with the assistance from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

The governor says there is a short time open for the grant applications.

Additional information regarding the application process will be made available next week.