Welcome Home Troops



(Le Mars) — 90 soldiers from the Iowa National Guard’s 113th Calvary – Troop “C” returned home to a hero’s welcome on Wednesday. Hundreds of people lined the route from Hy-Vee to the Armory building waving flags, displaying posters and cheering as the soldiers returned home after a 10-month deployment to Africa. At the Armory building, on the east edge of Le Mars, there were plenty of hugs and kisses from family members and friends once the unit was dismissed. Barbara
Grady of Granville says she waited ten months for this day to come when she could again see her son Specialist David Grady.

Specialist David Grady says it is good to be back home, but added his time at Africa for the National Guard mission was time well spent.

David Grady says he has been looking forward to the trip back home for about three months. He says the soldiers had a general idea as to when their mission would be completed, but it was only recently that they learned the specific date for returning home.


David Grady says the meals while in Africa were nutritious, but routine. He tells of what is his first objective is now that he is back home.

Barbara Grady says she wanted to ease any homesickness by corresponding with her son on a regular basis.

Specialist Grady says the guard unit will be off for a couple of months, then it will be back to their regular training schedule, gathering once a month.