Underground Pipeline To Transport Carbon Dioxide Proposed For Plymouth County


(Le Mars) — An underground pipeline that would transport pressurized liquid carbon dioxide from area ethanol plants, including Plymouth Energy of Merrill and Little Sioux Corn Processors of Marcus, to North Dakota for long-term storage is being proposed and would include parts of Plymouth County.  Plymouth County Board of Supervisors were briefed on the pipeline during Tuesday’s meeting.  Jesse Harris serves as the Public Relations Director with Summit Carbon Solutions, as part of the Summit Ag and tells of the plan.

Harris says one of the benefits to the pipeline is to capture carbon dioxide and convert it to a near liquid form and store it underground, to help with the carbon sequestration and prevent it from entering the atmosphere.

Harris says the proposed pipeline will benefit the Iowa corn grower, as well as the ethanol industry.

The proposed pipeline would be installed at a depth of four feet, and the diameter of the pipeline would be from four inches up to 20 inches.  Officials hope that  construction on the pipeline would begin in 2023 with completion of the pipeline and operations to begin in 2024.  An informational meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16th  at 12:00 noon to be held at the Le Mars Convention Center, lower level.

(photo contributed.)