Mission Honduras Sendoff

There was a Send-Off Celebration for missioners headed to Honduras.  The celebration was held at St Joseph’s Church in Le Mars.  42 students, teachers, and adults are part of Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras this year.  Their theme is “Changing Lives”.  After the celebration, the group immediately left for their mission to Honduras.

Ann Oloff, along with Theresa Berg, are the new co-leaders of the Gehlen Mission Honduras, after Carolyn Bickford stepped back.


Oloff describes the work they will do at the mission outside the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa


What do you hope will be the impact of the mission trip to yourself and the students?


Teresa Berg didn’t have the opportunity to take part in Mission Honduras as a student…


Berg is eager to see the impact of the Mission Honduras trip on the student missioners.


Another missioner – Spanish teacher Beth Ebert – like Berg, is on her second Honduran Mission trip


Ebert sees Mission Honduras as a classroom for her students.