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Secretary Naig On the Latest E15 Announcement

Two years ago, Iowa Governor Reynolds and the governors of other midwestern states chose to use a clause in the Clean Air Act to allow them to have E15 available for sale all year-round. Once approved, this circumvented the EPA’s lack of movement on having the fuel available all year.

We all know how the story unfolded; the sixty-day deadline for EPA to rule on the petition took over 600 days, and when they cleared it earlier this year, they said the states couldn’t start until 2025, even though the infrastructure was ready to go now. Iowa lawmakers in Congress put forth an effort to force EPA to make it effective this year.

EPA buckled on Friday and announced it could go now already.

Supporters are excited for the change from EPA. Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig was among them. Naig says that what he finds frustrating is that while these midwestern states understand the importance of having an alternative available at the pump, but we can’t get a permanent nation-wide solution. (Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network Story & photo)