Le Mars artist’s work is her language

(LE MARS) — Le Mars resident Glenda Drennen is a watercolorist whose
art today reflects changes in mediums. 

Drennen has worked with water color throughout her career and in the
last ten years has mixed in other mediums to add more dimension to her
work. The basis for a lot of her art is often her sense of humor and
she says she paints to break visual rules.

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She said that sometimes a flower, plant, tree, animal or even a person
will arise, but often times it’s just abstract.

Drennen says her love for art stems from its inaccessibility during
her childhood.

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She adds that art is her language and hopes that people understand and
appreciate it.

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Drennen says she can not imagine a life without art and that we are
fortunate to have so much of it around us.

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Glenda Drennen currently has work on display at a gallery in Spirit
Lake, at the Siouxland Artist Gallery in the Clarion Hotel in Sioux
City, and now through November 21st… a set of 3 paintings are on
display in the theater lobby during Northwestern College’s production
of The Seagull.

To view more of her paintings visit glendadrennen.com. (News report by
Angela Drake)