Cool Classic Cycles

(LE MARS) An extraordinary collection is being showcased in Le Mars.

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Richard Schultz of Le Mars has gotten to know the personalities of over 200 of bikes in his lifetime. From mini motorized versions to art deco bikes from the 1940’s, an exotic Henderson Special to classic Harleys, one of them with all original parts and paint.

His collection of bikes is now down to 40, and he will be displaying a handful of those at the Le Mars Antique Show and Separate Flea Market this weekend. You’ll see a Doodlebug, a Whizzer, and a Cushman Airborne- which is a WW II scooter that was pushed out of an airplane with a parachute attached. He’ll also have a special Honda, and my personal favorite, a 1941 Harley race model, painted “cruiser” green.

Schultz says he’s been interested in motors and tinkering with them since he was born. He continues to impeccably restore 2 to 3 bikes each year and says he loves the process.

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A complete restoration takes about 500 man hours to complete.

From Mount St. Helen’s to the Finger Lakes of New York, Rich and his wife, Jane, ride the bikes that he restores across the country.

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Someone that he met through restoring and selling motorcycles has even forged a friendship across the ocean. Schultz went to New Zealand 2 years ago and spent 3 weeks discovering a new country on the back of a motorcycle.

Again, 5 of Schultz’s classically restored bikes will be on display at the Le Mars Area Chamber of Commerce Spring Fever Antique show this weekend. It takes place at the Le Mars Convention Center Friday 6-9, Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 10 to 4. (News report and photos by Angela Drake of KLEM News)