High Fuel Prices Adversely Affecting The Trucking Industry


(Le Mars) — We all have felt the pinch in our pocket books and wallets with the rapidly rising cost of gasoline, but what about trucking companies?  Diesel fuel is rising just as fast as gasoline costs, but is priced higher.  How does the rise in fuel prices affect trucking companies?  Jeff Arens serves as the general manager of the locally owned Schuster Trucking firm.  He says rising fuel prices are hurting truckers, just as they are hurting everyone.

Arens says with the price for fuel changing, sometimes as often as hourly, the trucking firm has to eat the over-run expense cost of their original delivery contract.

The Schuster Trucking official says the higher fuel prices will quickly mean higher prices for the products they haul that appear on a shelf whether that be Wells Blue Bunny ice cream, or hardware tools for Bomgaars.  He says higher petroleum prices goes beyond just the cost for diesel fuel, but extends to many components on the truck.

Arens says Schuster’s tries to have back hauls when ever possible, but with the higher fuel prices, it is even more important to have a full truck on the return route, and not to run over the highways with an empty load.

Arens says Schuster’s is trying to make certain each truck and trailer are aerodynamic, so to help reduce the amount of fuel needed to run on the highways.

Arens says Schusters operates more than 450 trucks and purchases up to 150,000 gallons of diesel fuel, each and every week.