Le Mars Community Theatre Announces Scholarship


(Le Mars) The Le Mars Community Theatre at the Postal Playhouse is excited to announce that they have formed the LCT Donna Hentges/Bonnie Dull Scholarship Fund and will be presenting performing arts scholarships to Le Mars Community and Gehlen Catholic graduates starting this spring. The money that will fund these scholarships has been gifted to the theater by the family of Donna Hentges, who was involved with the theatre for decades before her passing in 2018.  Her son and daughter-in-law, Nick and Mary Hentges, approached LCT saying they would like to make a sizable donation in their mother’s name, as well as her dear friend Bonnie Dull.
Current LCT Board President Danna Schuster says the theatre decided to do something to honor Donna and Bonnie while at the same time benefitting the community, so a scholarship fund has been established. The intention is to award $1,000 each year to both a Le Mars Community and Gehlen Catholic graduate who will be continuing their performing arts education.

Schuster says helping kids to pay for tuition who are involved in the Le Mars performing arts community, and especially those who get involved at LCT, is likely to serve others in the future.

Bonnie Dulls daughter, Margaret Britton, is a current board member at The Le Mars Community Theatre.  She says that Donna and her mother would be humbly honored to know that money donated in their name was  being used to fund scholarships.

Just like Donna and Bonnie were on different sides of the curtain, it’s important to note that these scholarships can go to anyone continuing their education in the performing arts. We’re talking lighting, choreography, costumes, set design and much more. If you, or someone you know, would be a great candidate for The Le Mars Community Theatre Donna Hentges/Bonnie Dull Performing Arts Scholarship, please contact the school offices for more information.  Or, if you’re already continuing your education in performing arts and have a connection to the LCT family, please reach out to the theatre for details on how to apply. The application deadline for this year is the end of May, in future years it will be April 1st.

Donna’s son Nick Hentges gave the money in his mothers honor to be used however the theater saw fit.  Danna Schuster says he and his family couldn’t be more pleased that the money  is being re-invested into the arts through area youth.

The Le Mars Community Theatre at the Postal Playhouse feels very fortunate to have many families over the years support the theater in honor of loved ones. In addition to Bonnie Dull and Donna Hentges being remembered in this way, family and friends of Byron Bulthuis, Bob Becker and others have been very generous in recent years.