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Remsen St. Mary’s Football Earns Eight First Team All-District Honors

The coaches in Class Eight-Player District 1 have released their All-District teams for the 2023 season. Honorees from Remsen St. Mary’s are bolded below.

First Team All-District Offense:

Brodyn Pryor (Quarterback) – So. (Woodbine)
Luke Cripps (Running Back) – Jr. (Boyer Valley)
Brady Koenck (Running Back) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Wyatt Ragaller (Running Back) – So. (Ar-We-Va)
Collin Homan (Wide Receiver/Tight End) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Landon Blum (Wide Receiver/Tight End) – Fr. (Woodbine)
Ty Tritz (Offensive Lineman) – Sr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Robert Brasel (Offensive Lineman) – Sr. (Boyer Valley)
Jax Pryor (Offensive Lineman) – So. (Woodbine)
Landon Waldschmitt (Utility) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Blayne Smith (Utility) – Jr. (Ar-We-Va)
Eli Roberts (Kicker) – Sr. (Newell-Fonda)

First Team All-District Defense:

Ben Lantz (Defensive Lineman) – Sr. (Boyer Valley)
Jed Bielenberg (Defensive Lineman) – Sr. (Siouxland Christian)
Hunter Pick (Defensive Lineman) – Sr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Brady Wurth (Linebacker) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Cooper Petersen (Linebacker) – Jr. (Boyer Valley)
Wade Ragaller (Linebacker) – Jr. (Ar-We-Va)
Keaton Harpenau (Defensive Back) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Owen Garside (Defensive Back) – Jr. (Boyer Valley)
Jacob Berens (Utility) – Sr. (Boyer Valley)
Braxton Kneip (Utility) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Dillon Reed (Returner) – So. (Woodbine)
Matt Ferguson (Punter) – Sr. (Boyer Valley)

Second Team All-District Offense:

Mason McIntosh (Quarterback) – Sr. (West Harrison)
Trenton Struss (Running Back) – Sr. (Newell-Fonda)
Nolan Birdsall (Running Back) – Jr. (West Harrison)
Brodie Ludwig (Running Back) – Jr. (Woodbine)
Brenner Sullivan (Wide Receiver/Tight End) – So. (Woodbine)
Micah Moores (Wide Receiver/Tight End) – Fr. (Woodbine)
Emmett Neumann (Offensive Lineman) – Sr. (Ar-We-Va)
Gavin Kelley (Offensive Lineman) – Sr. (Woodbine)
Landon Steichen (Offensive Lineman) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Judah Bielenberg (Utility) – Jr. (Siouxland Christian)
Grady Lyman (Utility) – Sr. (Siouxland Christian)

Second Team All-District Defense:

Owen Lehan (Defensive Lineman) – Jr. (Boyer Valley)
Matthew Tremel (Defensive Lineman) – So. (Woodbine)
Tyson Von Glan (Defensive Lineman) – So. (Ar-We-Va)
Colbey Penning (Linebacker) – Sr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Ty Tauber (Linebacker) – Sr. (Newell-Fonda)
Devon Ehlers (Linebacker) – So. (Ar-We-Va)
Levi Reineke (Defensive Back) – So. (Boyer Valley)
Cade Tentinger (Defensive Back) – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Cal Pryor (Utility) – Fr. (Woodbine)
Johnathon Riesselman (Utility) – So. (Ar-We-Va)

Honorable Mention All-District:

Caleb Gravenish – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Sam Schmillen – Jr. (Remsen St. Mary’s)
Landon Fitchhorn – Sr. (Woodbine)
Joe Freund – So. (Woodbine)
Cale Soma – So. (Boyer Valley)
Even Ten Eyck – Sr. (Boyer Valley)
Weston Toft – So. (Ar-We-Va)
Harley Molina – Sr. (Ar-We-Va)
Trevor Johnson – Sr. (Newell-Fonda)
Max Carlson – Jr. (Newell-Fonda)
Abe Pavlik – Jr. (West Harrison)
Daniel Malcolmson – Jr. (Siouxland Christian)
Biar Biar – Jr. (Siouxland Christian)