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Gehlen Catholic Volleyball Coach Mike Meyer Named Iowa Coach of the Year

*Photo Contributed by Gehlen Catholic School*

Coach Mike Meyer had a volleyball season for the record books.

In mid-September, Meyer, hit the milestone of winning his 1,000th volleyball game combined in his collegiate and high school coaching career.

Meyer did not quit there. He led the Gehlen Catholic girl’s volleyball team to the State tournament where he has brought the last 12 of his 13 teams.

The cherry on top of the season came recently when Meyer was notified that he was selected as the 2020-21 Iowa Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year.

To receive this honor, Meyer was specifically nominated by the Iowa High School Athletic Association as the most deserving recipient of this honor.

“This kind of honor generally goes to people that are being recognized for their body of work. It makes me feel that we have accomplished something here at Gehlen Catholic that we can really be proud of,” said Meyer.

This year’s honorees were selected based upon their coaching performance in the 2020-21 school year, lifetime community involvement, school involvement and philosophy of coaching.

“The overall highlights of my career consist of memories I have of watching our kids emotionally celebrate together after either historic or big wins whether it is regional finals or games at the state tournament. That is what it is all about,” explained Meyer.

*Photo Contributed by Gehlen Catholic School*